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Beyond Escape

New Hampshire's Best Escape Game

Step inside and be immersed into a new world of mystery.
Great for families, friends, date nights, and team building!

What is Beyond Escape?

Beyond Escape is a cerebral escape game adventure. Our rooms are custom designed and unique from anything you’ve seen before. We have two Physical escape rooms, 7 Virtual Reality escape rooms and 4 Virtual Reality battle games. Work as a team of up to 8 players in our physical rooms to solve puzzles, save the world and ESCAPE! Or work as a team of 2 – 4 players in our VR Escape Rooms, travel to new worlds as you solve puzzles, fight dragons and ESCAPE!

Are you up for the challenge?

Escape Rooms

Escape from Timeout

Planet Earth
Difficulty: Beginner Players : 2-6 You are a 9 year old genius, but your evil babysitter has locked you...

The Shift

17 Years Ago
Difficulty: Intermediate The world will end tomorrow if we don’t step in, our time travel facility has a strict...

Virtual Reality Games

Choose (1) 45 Minute Game

VR Mini Games

Choose (3) 15 Minute Games


If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us.
An escape game is a real-life experience where participants are “locked” in a room and must use elements found in the room, the group’s collective knowledge, and wits to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape and/or find the missing item within a set amount of time.
No. All participants including those chaperoning children under 15, must have a ticket. Our VR games are ages 10+. Exceptions can be made for children over 8 with previous oculus experience. If you have any questions about your child being allowed to play please email
No, the rooms doors will never be locked. You are free to leave the room at any time if needed.
The total time will be about an 1 hour 15 minutes. The check in and introduction will take about 15 minutes. Once the game starts, the timer will be set to 60 minutes. You will have 60 minutes to solve the room. We ask that players arrive 10 minutes early to park and use restrooms.
Individuals in groups of 3 and under are $30 each. Individuals in groups of more than 3 are $25 each.
Private events are great for corporate events, team building, birthdays, family events, and much more! Private events are available outside of regular business hours. We currently have only one escape room available with a capacity of 8 players. And one VR room with a capacity of 4 players. If you would like to book a private event, please contact us at for more information.
Yes! If there is an available time we do accept walk- ins. We recommend that you book ahead for a time slot, as they do fill up quickly.
Our games may not be suitable for young children. There is no age limit for our games. Players under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 10 are allowed only in private games. Children under 6 are free and require a child’s ticket. Printed and signed forms will be required for everyone, those under 18 must be signed by an adult.
If you arrive late you will be able to play, but time may be deducted. Our games are booked back to back, if we allow you to play the full time, players after you will be effected. We ask you arrive 10-15 mins early to allow time for parking and bathrooms. Once the game has begun no players that arrive later will be allowed to enter the game. Refunds will not be issued for late arrivals. You may call ahead 24 hours to cancel your game and receive a refund. After 24 hours, you can call to reschedule with no additional fee.
Players may play more than one game. Each game has to be booked ahead of time. If there is available space, players may book additional games.
We do not mix groups together. All our games are private.
Nope! Everything needed to solve the puzzles will be provided in the rooms. We ask that you don’t bring any tools or items with you into the escape rooms.
Our VR games are ages 10+. Exceptions can be made for children over 8 with previous oculus experience. If you have any questions about your child being allowed to play please email
No, the headset is not connected to anything by wires. You are able to free roam the space without the worry of crossing wires!
Yes! Each player can be seen as an avatar. You are able to hear and see the other players during the game.
Plan for a 1 hour experience. The games range from 35-45 minutes, with a 15 minute introduction on rules and controls. With the exception of Laserbots. Laserbots is a 10- 15 minute game that can be played multiple times within the 1 hour time slot.

Parties and Events

Interested in a corporate event?

We have options available for up to 30 players.

Email us at for more information.

Questions? Just Ask!

Important: Please book ahead to reserve your spot. We cannot guarantee availability for walk ins.